Midsouth ProWash

We are the only company in the Midsouth area certified as a softwashsystems.com authorized company and is a SoftWash System PRO Staff member.

5yr No Streak Warranty

We offer an exclusive SoftWash systems five year limited warranty. Does not void roof material warranties & is considered preventive roof maintenance.

Midsouth Prowash TruckWelcome to Midsouth Prowash

Our service areas include West Tennessee, North Mississippi & East Arkansas.  Our specialty is cleaning residential and commercial properties through a system of using low pressure and a proprietary blend of biodegradable chemicals.  This proven system has cleaned over 50,000 properties through out the united states since the early 80′s.  Not only does this system not damage your shingles or siding, it can protect your home from future damage as well as increasing the value of your home.

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